N - Word List


English: to chop up meat or vegetables


English: work that has been done


English: soon, near future (within the same day or hour)


English: just now, a moment ago
Bahasa Malaysia: tadi, baru tadi


English: no, not, none, nothing
Bahasa Malaysia: tidak, bukan

na'it (n-a'it)

English: wait for

na'ud (n-a'ud)

English: 1) to hook or hang something; 2) to clear or cut shrubs using an `a'ud'

na'uk (n-a'uk)

English: to scoop out


English: to throw away rubbish

na'ul (ng-da'ul)

English: to throw out or spill by mistake

na'up (n-a'up)

English: to return a favour or a challenge

na'ur (n-a'ur)

English: to answer, reply

naan (n-aan)

English: to dam a river


English: to cut (eg. planks) with an adze

naang (n-aang)

English: to put a stopper on

naap (n-aap)

English: to lick

naar (n-aar)

English: using bellows to pump air in metal toolmaking

nabak (n-abak)

English: grooved

nabalu' (ng-balu)

English: to give provisions to someone going on a journey

naban (ng-taban)

English: to run away with, steal, kidnap, elope with

nabat (ng-tabat)

English: to treat with medicine, apply medicine to


English: was used to tie


English: was carried on lap


English: borrowed

nabuh (n-abuh)

English: was covered with ashes or dust

nabun (ng-tabun)

English: to cover, to heap, to pile up


English: was hovering around lilke an insetc


English: heroic songs

nadang (ng-dadang)

English: to heat, to get warm or dry by an open fire


English: to sharpen


English: to make a bridge, to cross a bridge

nagag (n-agag)

English: sifted


English: was littered with crumbs (by)

naka (in-aka)

English: cleared area


English: a small jackfruit variety

nakat (in-akat)

English: defiant, stobborn


English: to hoe, to use a hoe

nakub (ng-takub)

English: to patch, as torn clothing


English: was confessed by

nalad (in-alad)

English: was walled by

nalan (ng-dalan)

English: to walk

nalap (in-alap)

English: was fetched or obtained by, was acquired by?


English: to put into a cage or pen (eg a hen)

naleng (in-aleng)

English: sooted

nalo (in-alo)

English: chased, was chased by


English: was removed by, was taken in from the rain

nalud (n-alud)

English: was carried in a boat, boated


English: to scatter, plant padi


English: was hammered by


English: was thumped by


English: fly, sandfly, housefly

namuk abeng

English: the fly which is usually attracted to fermenting burak or fruit


English: pus
Bahasa Malaysia: nanah

nanam (in-anam)

English: picked up


English: kind of stinging insect, red hornet

nanek (ng-tanek)

English: to cook or to boil
Bahasa Malaysia: memasak


English: to bury


English: to cry, weep

nange 1

English: there (where the reciever is, esp. if the receiver of a letter)
Bahasa Malaysia: sana, di sana


English: sing
Bahasa Malaysia: nyanyi

napo (in-apo)

English: roofed

napuh (ng-apuh)

English: to sweep

napuk (in-apuk)

English: was made dusty

napun (n-apun)

English: to be forgiven by

napung (n-apung)

English: was hidden by


English: wasplike insect, quie bad-tempered

naput (ng-aput)

English: to block


English: smoked


English: to measure

nari' (n-ari')

English: cut


English: to do ?


English: to do, make, implement, etc


English: to cover with a cloth, mat or sheet

nasa' (ng-tasa')

English: to damage; dismantle


English: open ground near the longhouse where children like to play spinning tops; open ground near a house, compound

natang (n-atang)

English: to be carried

nate (n-ate); pinate (p-in-ate)

English: was killed

natek (n-atek)

English: to cover, to close


English: dammar, tree resin (burned in torches)


English: boiling, starting to bubble
Bahasa Malaysia: mendidih


English: steam
Bahasa Malaysia: wap

nawan 1

English: gliding snake

nawan 2

English: was made visible by

nawar (ng-dawar)

English: to call, shout

nawing (n-awing)

English: parted

naya' (n-aya')

English: raised, bred


English: to attract or lead on ?

nayud (n-ayud)

English: written

nayum (n-ayum)

English: to be showered with affection, to receive sympathy

nayun (n-ayun)

English: to be seen in the mirror

nayung (ng-dayung)

English: recite an incantation over a sick person to assist his recovery


English: to stretch (a cable, etc) across something

neba'ang (ng-ba'ang)

English: to grunt in order to clear the throat

nebakang (ng-te-bakang)

English: make someone else's feet wide apart, spread someone's legs, force apart forceps; stand over someone or something with feet wide apart


English: to clump together grass weeds in wet padi


English: to flash


English: crooning to a baby, making baby noises


English: to dent to disort the shape of something


English: to veer

nebpar (ng-tebpar)

English: to pay

nebpek (ng-tebpek)

English: to pierce, stab

nebpeng (ng-tebpeng)

English: to fell a large tree in clearing a swidden


English: hack away vegetation in moving through the forest

nebpu' (ng-tebpu')

English: to cut down forest

nebukuh (ng-se-bukuh)

English: tie a knot

nebuleng (ng-se-buleng)

English: keep something (as a problem) to oneself, not sharing it with others cf. uleng

nedarar (ng-darar)

English: to sway to and fro

nedareng (ng-dareng)

English: to moan as when ill


English: his, her, its
Bahasa Malaysia: dia punya

nedtak (ng-dedtak)

English: when constructing a levee in a padi field, to slap the wet clay with a large paddle or club to make it more compact; prior to wrapping cooked rice in leaf packages, to pat, squeeze and press the rice into a compact mass using a small wooden paddle or spatula (bugo)


English: leaning

nedtan (ng-tedtan)

English: to leave behind

nedtar (ng-dedtar)

English: to hit with a heavy item

nedtat (ng-dedtat)

English: to hit or beat until flattened or crushed

nedteh (ng-tidteh)

English: to leave behind

nedtek (ng-dedtek)

English: throw any object (sone, ball, mud) at someone or something

nedtel (ng-dedtel)

English: to force, persuade

nedten (ng-dedten)

English: to press or push down, to apply force downwards

nega'it (ng-ga'it)

English: to scratch body or head due to itchiness (eg a dog)


English: to trouble, pester, bother


English: to stir (a pot)
Bahasa Malaysia: mengacau

negu'ang (ng-tegu'ang)

English: to lift one side in the air, to lift as with a lever


English: to nod the head


English: to shake the head

negura' (ng-tegura')

English: to shake (a container)

neh 1

English: already

neh 2

English: 3sg agent and possessor; him, his, her, hers, it, its
Bahasa Malaysia: ia, dia, ia punya dia punya


English: to undo (stitches)

nekap (ng-tekap)

English: to search, look for


English: to talk, speak


English: to flap or flutter a few times, as a bird flapping its wings before flying

nekejem (ne-keem)

English: to grimace, make a face


English: to make someone squat


English: flap the wings, as a rooster before crowing

neken (ng-teken)

English: to pole


English: noise, of something falling or feet stamping; thudding sound

neket (ng-deket)

English: stick something to something

nekilo 1

English: frighten birds or animals (but not people)
Bahasa Malaysia: menakutkan burung dan binatang

nekilo 2

English: just barely glimpsed (eg. as a fish in water)


English: to shout in triumph


English: to hang ?


English: to caw (of a crow)

nekub (ng-tekub)

English: to knock from underneath

nekul (ng-tekul)

English: to spoon


English: to scratch


English: to thrown away, to fling
Bahasa Malaysia: buang (sampah dsb)

nela' (ng-tela')

English: hurl, throw (a javelin, spear, etc); throw rubbish ?


English: to click the tongue

nelen (ng-telen)

English: to swallow


English: to lock


English: jealous of spouse


English: being gossiped about


English: already lost

neneb (ng-teneb)

English: make something cold or cool

nenganak (ne-ng-anak)

English: to give birth


English: to weave

nengen (ng-dengen)

English: to assist


English: roast by wrapping in leaves and letting food cook in its own juice


English: to kill an animal with a machette

nepekak (ne-pekak)

English: to cackle, of a hen about to lay an egg or a chicken that is disturbed


English: to tie hair, rope in a bun, knot, coil


English: to splash water intentionally

nepia' (ng-pia')

English: to sneeze


English: arrange, put in order

neput (n-eput)

English: to shoot with a blowpipe


English: to cut with a parang or axe


English: to fill a bamboo container at a river

nerem (ng-teram)

English: to duck someone

nerimod (ne-rimod)

English: to smile

nesag (ne-esag)

English: to split bamboo (for floors in temporary huts)


English: to low, of a buffalo


English: cut with a striking motion toward the body, as when standing with legs apart and swinging the `bikung' from in front of the body to between the legs


English: 1) to target; 2) to cut notches in a log or tree trunk


English: to beat a gong ?


English: to cut meat into chops ?


English: to turn your back on someone

netel (ng-tetel)

English: to pack something in tightly


English: to make rattan work; weaving lattice work on sheaf


English: horn (of an animal) ?

nga'it (ng-a'it)

English: to cause pain


English: have rights to something, e.g. family property

ngabak (ng-abak)

English: to make grooves

ngabang 1

English: to make or cut a ditch or drain

ngabang 2

English: to ambush someone

ngabar (ng-abar)

English: to cause to fear, to be uncertain of one's ability

ngabat (ng-abat)

English: to prevent, block; to interrupt


English: to take pictures

ngabet (ng-abet)

English: to tie something

ngabi (ng-abi)

English: to finish

ngabin (ng-abin)

English: to carry on lap


English: to borrow

ngabuh (ng-abuh)

English: make dusty, cover with ashes or dust

ngabung (ng-abung)

English: to hover around


English: name
Bahasa Malaysia: nama

Ngadan kudih _________.

English: My name is _________.

Ngadan kudih _________. Let ngapeh tebeyq kiko?

English: My name is ______. Where are you from?


English: dull; blunted (as of knoves, teeth)


English: to blacken


English: to remove

ngadung (ng-adung)

English: (to adopt); to become a step-parent

ngae' (ng-tae'

English: defaecate

ngae' 1

English: hummingbird

ngae' 2

English: pity, sympathy

ngagag (ng-agag)

English: to sift

ngagap (ng-agap)

English: to startle or shock someone

ngager (ng-ager)

English: to litter with bits of food


English: sound of a baby crying (onom)


English: a type of bird; generic term for spiderhunters

ngain (ng-ain)

English: to sweeten

ngaka (ng-aka)

English: to clear away grass

ngakil (ng-akil)

English: to protest or fight for something

ngakun (ng-akun)

English: to confess; accept certain conditions, as in a divorce case; admit fault

ngalad (ng-alad)

English: to build a wall

ngalang (ng-alang)

English: to hit with the blunt side of knife

ngalap (ng-alap)

English: to take, get, fetch


English: Malay civet
Bahasa Malaysia: tangalung

ngalen (ng-kalen)

English: to lock


English: careful
Bahasa Malaysia: berhati-hati

ngalih (ng-alih)

English: to impregnate (out of wedlock)

ngalo (ng-alo)

English: to chase


English: to take things in from the sun/rain (clothes etc)

ngalud (ng-alud)

English: to carry things in a boat

ngamal (ng-amal)

English: to hammer with the hands

ngameg (ng-ameg)

English: to punch downwards with base of clenched fist; to thump with fist

ngamet (ng-amet)

English: to snatch by clawing, grabbing

ngamin (ng-amin)

English: ng-amin


English: pick something up from the ground; pick up thread as whe weaving strands


English: gape

nganga nganga

English: open and close the mouth habitually or involuntary


English: mouth of the `bubuh' fish trap

ngangel (ng-angel)

English: to embrace or hug

nganid (ng-anid)

English: to distribute things to people

nganud (ng-anud)

English: to float something downstream

nganud (ng-manud)

English: was swept away by

ngape (ng-ape)

English: to place something on shelf, table


English: where?
Bahasa Malaysia: di mana, ke mana

ngapi' (ng-api')

English: to tie, connect

ngapir (ng-apir)

English: to put up a bridge

ngapo (ng-apo)

English: to make a roof, to put a roof on

ngapuk (ng-apuk)

English: to make something dusty

ngapun (ng-apun)

English: to forgive

ngapung (ng-apung)

English: to hide something or oneself (intentionally)

ngarak (ng-arak)

English: to guide, as a blind man

ngarang (ng-arang)

English: to dance

ngarar (ng-ara)

English: to smoke or dry meat over a fire

ngarar (ng-arar)

English: to make a nest

ngarar (ng-karar)

English: place something in a slanting position


English: a game played between longhouses where a longhouse brought an animal (pig, deer, etc) to the next longhouse to be feasted that particular night, along with much buruak; the other longhouse had to return the compliment. (cf Lian pp 85)

ngareg (ng-areg)

English: to break into tiny pieces (eg of branches before the burning season) or crumbs

ngarep (ng-arep)

English: to litter

ngari' (ng-ari')

English: to cut into pieces

ngarit (ng-arit)

English: to carve a design

ngaro (ng-aro)

English: 1) to snatch (eg children snatching toys); 2) to scratch (an itchy part of the body)

ngarud (ng-arud)

English: to call out or scream in pain

ngarur (ng-arur)

English: to string beads

ngaruru (ng-arur)

English: to follow along a stream

ngasa (ng-asa)

English: to sharpen (as a knife)

ngasih (ng-asih)

English: to ignore

ngasing (ng-kasing)

English: to pin using a safety pin

ngasu' (ng-asu')

English: to sit or squat on a stool

ngatang (ng-atang)

English: to carry something on a pole between two people

ngatar (ng-atar)

English: to clear a field using a hand hoe (belu'ing) to prepare it for farming.

ngate (ng-ate)

English: to kill, cross out, cancel

ngatur (ng-atur)

English: to order, command, arrange, organise

ngaul (ng-aul)

English: to put a stopper on


English: remove the rice from the pot after cooking, and wrap it

ngawal (ng-awal)

English: to reach out to get something

ngawan (ng-mawan)

English: make visible

ngaweh (ng-aweh)

English: to get married

ngawi' (ng-kawi')

English: to bend or curve

ngawing (ng-awing)

English: to part hair

ngaya' (ng-aya')

English: to raise animals, incl. fish

ngayad (ng-ayad)

English: to cut up

ngayang (ng-ayang)

English: to cut into pieces

ngayek (ng-ayek)

English: to whisper

ngayud (ng-ayud)

English: to write

ngayum (ng-ayum)

English: to shower with affection, to sympathise

ngayun (ng-ayun)

English: to show, tell, or indicate discreetly


English: sound of a buffalo lowing

ngebpa (ng-ebpa)

English: to purposely push down, to let down to the ground

ngebpa' (ng-ebpa')

English: 1) to add water to rice when cooking or to a wet padi field, etc; 2) to remove water, as from a pond, so as to catch the fish in it

ngebped (ng-ebped)

English: to tag or touch someone as when playing a game

ngebpeg (ng-ebpeg)

English: to squeeze

ngebpen (ng-ebpen)

English: 1) push a stick into the ground, a needle into the skin, etc; 2) to accuse

ngebpeng (ng-ebpeng)

English: to make a levee or water break in paddy field

ngebpo (ng-ebpo)

English: to soothe or comfort

ngebpu (ng-ebpu)

English: to cover or wrap up

ngebpung (ng-ebpung)

English: to snare an animal or bird

ngedalem (ne-dalem)

English: to deepen

ngedaluh (ng-kedaluh)

English: to fight, quarrel with


English: to make hot water warm (i.e. cool down)

ngedawa' (ng-dawa')

English: to sue someone

ngededtem (ng-dedtem)

English: to wait for nightfall

ngedelo (ng-delo)

English: to cause to be wary

ngedoo' (ng-doo')

English: to make good after an argument, quarrel, sickness

ngedta (ng-kedta)

English: to suffer

ngedtan (ng-edtan)

English: to make a ladder, to put a ladder up

ngedtang (ng-edtang)

English: to put something on a hook

ngedtuh (ng-edtuh)

English: to push (as of wood into a fire)


English: rub the eyes, as when something has got inside and is irritating them

ngegkeng (ng-egkeng)

English: 1) to make someone or something chilly, to numb with cold

ngegkeng (ng-gegkeng)

English: to lift


English: ligature linking lower numerals with pulu', ratu or ribuh

ngejil (ng-ejil)

English: to imprison

ngejur (ng-ejur)

English: to bulldoze


English: to pick, pluck fruit

ngekeb (ng-kekeb)

English: to cover

ngeki'ik (ng-ki'ik)

English: to squesk (trees, doors, floorboards, etc)


English: to sling on the shoulder (a man is expected to carry a shoulder bag with shoulder strings, not bearing the wieght on the head as a women usually does)

ngelaak (ng-laak)

English: to cook (rice)

ngelaam (ng-laam)

English: to turn something sour


English: apply a poultice

ngelab (ng-elab)

English: to shake out a mat or sheet

ngelaba (ng-laba)

English: to overtake, crosses

ngelabo (ng-labo)

English: to catch mice

ngeladeh (ng-ladeh)

English: to make something hot and spicy

ngelak (ng-elak)

English: to store something in the crotch of a tree branch, etc.


English: to click the tongue

ngelamud (nge-lamud); melamud (ng-pe-lamud)

English: to mix

ngelana (nge-lana)

English: to smoothen

ngelang (ng-elang)

English: to clear a border (e.g. between two pieces of land)


English: to skin an animal or the bark from a tree

ngelanit (nge-lanit)

English: to skin, peel bark from trees

ngelau' (ng-lau')

English: to heat up (food)

ngelaya' (nge-laya')

English: to soften

ngelayo (nge-layo)

English: to tame an animal

ngelayuh (nge-layuh)

English: to make something wither, as by putting it close to the fire


English: pick the weak point in the line when fighting the enemy

ngeledtam (nge-ledtam)

English: to become nauseated


English: to peel off skin


English: to divorce

ngelekak (nge-lekak)

English: to peel or take off the top layer


English: to pull back and leave uncovered, of sheets, etc


English: to recede

ngelened (nge-lened)

English: to cook vegetables

ngelengu (nge-lengu)

English: to take off, remove anything that encircles, as a bracelet, necklace, shirt

ngelepi' (ng-kelepi')

English: to fold (cloth); to turn over a portion of a mat to allow people to walk past

ngeletad (ng-teletad)

English: make a backward stroke of the leg, of fighting cocks

ngeli'o (nge-li'o)

English: to seek clarification, to find out

ngelibuh (nge-libuh)

English: to circle, make something round

ngelibun (nge-libun)

English: to overtake

ngelibut (nge-libut)

English: to go around

ngelidta' (nge-lidta')

English: to spit


English: to tickle

ngelilid (ng-lilid)

English: to roll into a reel or to wind rope around something


English: rub something between the palms of the hands

ngelingay (ng-kelingay)

English: to look in the mirror

ngelinuh (nge-linuh)

English: to think

ngelipuk (ng-lipuk)

English: to burn or singe hair/fur/skin of an animal

ngelisek (ng-gelisek)

English: to tickle, as a parent tickling a baby to make it laugh

ngelitem (nge-litem)

English: to fix a stare ?

ngelu (ng-elu)

English: to allow fruit to become overripe and go to waste

ngelu'eh (nge-lu'eh)

English: to be sleepy

ngelua (nge-lua)

English: initiation ceremony in which people are smeared with the blood of an animal slaughtered for the purpose (cf Lian pp 130)

ngelubang (nge-lubang)_

English: to make a hole

ngelubid (nge-lubid)

English: to roll something over (eg. a log)

ngelubpa (ng-lubpa)

English: to make nude

ngelueng (nge-lueng)

English: to dent


English: to fish

ngeluka' (nge-luka')

English: to cause to fall (push down)

ngelulun (ng-lulun)

English: to roll up a mat, sheet, tobacco leaf

ngelulung (nge-lulung)

English: to shave wood for decoration

ngelupung (nge-lupung)

English: to float

ngelutak (nge-lutak)

English: to make dirty, muddy

ngelutut (nge-lutut)

English: to make muddy

ngeluyu' (nge-luyu')

English: to make dirty

ngemo (ng-e-mo)

English: to agree

ngemung (ng-emung)

English: to collect, gather, bring together

ngen 1

English: and, with
Bahasa Malaysia: dan, dengan

ngen 2

English: particle preceding personal names and titles

ngen 3

English: to

ngena'em (ng-e-na'em)

English: to nullify

ngenep (ng-enep)

English: to catch

ngengat (ng-engat)

English: to gulp for air

ngengep (ng-engep)

English: to keep in the mouth; to kiss

ngenger (ng-enger)

English: to stew or boil

ngenu (ng-enu)

English: to suspect


English: to have sexual intercourse with

ngenu' (ng-kenu')

English: to have sexual intercourse

ngenung (ng-enung)

English: to take for granted

ngepem (ng-epem)

English: to spray

ngepen (engep-en)

English: kissed

ngepid (ng-epid)

English: to braid, plait, intertwine

ngepik (ng-epik)

English: to squash (as of lice between the nails)

ngepin (ng-epin)

English: to lay a mat down

ngepit (ng-epit)

English: to pick something up with tongs

ngepu' (ng-epu')

English: to soak in liquid

ngepub (ng-epub)

English: to influence the fate of another by using a magic potion

ngepud (ng-epud)

English: to walk dragging one's feet

ngera'ab (ng-e-ra'ab)

English: to burp


English: to hunt with spears and dogs


English: to scratch hard (as a cat); to wound by scratching with fingernails

ngeraruh (ng-raruh)

English: to lose


English: old (people); almost ripe (fruits)
Bahasa Malaysia: tua (orang); hampir masak (bkn dgn buah-buahan)

ngered (ng-ered)

English: aged, old

ngeredtang (ng-redtang)

English: put branches around the trunk of one's fruit trees when they are bearing, or pile up rubbish in the fork of a branch so that others will not climb the trees to take the fruit


English: to cough out phlegm

ngeredteng (nge-redteng)

English: to spit

ngerekem (ng-rekem)

English: to claw at, scratch with fingers, nails


English: pregnant, of people (more polite than `malih')
Bahasa Malaysia: mangandung

ngerenab (ng-renab)

English: to flood, to overflow its banks (of a river)

ngereng (ng-ereng)

English: to groan, make a groaning sound (as a sick person, or ghost); to growl as a dog


English: to soak, cover with water; to baptise

ngererek (ng-rerek)

English: to slaughter pigs or chickens by slitting the throat

ngerereng (ng-rereng)

English: to put downtax

ngeret (ng-eret)

English: to make tight

ngeri (ng-eri)

English: 1) to fry; 2) to drain out water from a pond

ngerier (ng-rier)

English: to turn or roll something


English: to fry


English: to wrinkle something

ngerimit (ng-kerimit)

English: to squint, wince, screw up face

ngeriruh (ng-riruh)

English: to make someone laugh

ngerud (ng-kerud)

English: to scrape,


English: put someone (as a child) to sleep

ngerugu' (ng-rugu')

English: to make someone lose out

ngeruk (ng-eruk)

English: to snore

ngerur (ng-erur)

English: to tire sby


English: shake, as a kettle, etc to stir up dregs

ngerurug (ng-rurug)

English: pour out something (as fruit from a basket); leaves and fruit which have already fallen ?


English: rinse, wash out the mouth or other object that is not scrubbed out with the hand, but rather rinsed out with water

ngerut (ng-gerut)

English: to scrape out hard rice with a `gayut'

ngeruwer (ng-eruwer)

English: to curl

ngeruyuh (ng-ruyuh)

English: to swing a cradle; shake a tree

ngeseb (ng-eseb)

English: to burn

ngesu (ng-esu)

English: straightaway, continue doing something immediately

ngesug (ng-esug)

English: to force down, to knock down (as a buffalo in a pen)


English: to push through

ngesul (ng-esul)

English: to push through a barrier

ngeta (ng-eta)

English: to fence up

ngetab (ng-etab)

English: to scatter

ngeteb (ng-eteb)

English: to cut a longitudinal piece (as a stick) in half; to cut, slash

ngetek (ng-etek)

English: to make popcorn

ngeten (ng-eten)

English: to direct

ngeteng (ng-eteng)

English: to button up

ngetep (ng-etep)

English: to bite

ngetep (ng-ketep)

English: to bite (considered less crude than `ngubit'


English: empty padi' baa', draining out until empty

ngeto (ng-eto)

English: to relieve, comfort

ngetu (ng-etu)

English: to signal, indicate

ngetu' (ng-etu')

English: to pluck leaves and vegetables; to shred vegetables

ngetuk (ng-etuk)

English: to knock or beat

ngetul (ng-etul)

English: to stall, divert

ngetun (ng-etun)

English: to put a handle on

ngetut (ng-etut)

English: to fart


English: at, of, about

ngi lai

English: outside
Bahasa Malaysia: luar

ngi'an (ng-i'an)

English: to take pity on


English: to rub against, to sharpen by rubbing against

ngiap (ng-iap)

English: to count

ngiar (ng-iar)

English: to yell at

ngibpang (ng-ibpang)

English: to intervene, prevent

ngibpu' (ng-ibpu')

English: to make such an incision

ngiding (ng-iding)

English: to lift up (as of a child), to carry

ngiding (ng-kiding)

English: to lift


English: toborrow for short while
Bahasa Malaysia: pinjam sekejap


English: tie something so that it hangs down

ngiet (ng-iet)

English: to tie by hanging

ngiil (ng-iil)

English: to lick

ngiir (ng-iir)

English: to push aside, divert


English: to make expensive

ngikat (ng-mikat)

English: to make difficult


English: to shave; to scrape e.g. soot, away with a knife


English: several days ago (further in the past than `malem')


English: to burp or regurgitate so that fluid, food, flows out of the mouth, as in babies

ngilan 1

English: pith of corn kernal

ngilan 2

English: crop of chicken
Bahasa Malaysia: tembolok, pelembungan


English: to soothe, as a crying child

ngileg (ng-gileg)

English: to dig someone in the ribs

ngilem (ng-milem)

English: to make blue, to bruise?


English: to look out of the corner of one's eye at something or someone
Bahasa Malaysia: jeling

ngilu' (ng-kilu')

English: to bend or curve something

ngilud (ng-ilud)

English: to scorch (eg bees) with a torch; to singe a pig's skin to remove the hair

ngilut (ng-ilut)

English: to beat or cane, as in punishment

ngimang (ng-imang)

English: to shampoo

ngimet (ng-imet)

English: to grasp or hold

nginam (ng-inam)

English: to count

nginat (ng-inat)

English: to pull or tug

nginud (ng-inud)

English: to illustrate

ngirit (ng-irit)

English: slaughter by slitting the throat

ngiseh (ns-iseh)

English: to file

ngisi' (ng-isi')

English: to fill


English: to whistle
Bahasa Malaysia: bersiul


English: to pinch
Bahasa Malaysia: cubit

ngitem (ng-item)

English: to blacken, darken

ngiti (ng-iti)

English: to recognise

ngiti' (ng-iti')

English: to suckle, as a mother suckling her baby

ngitun (ng-itun)

English: to ask a question

ngitung (ng-itung)

English: to count

ngiuh (ng-iuh)

English: to elbow, knock with the elbow

ngiup (ng-iup)

English: to blow


English: to bore a hole into


English: strike someone with a downward blow of the fist

nguam (ng-uam)

English: to beat or punch

nguang (ng-uang)

English: to howl, of a dog

nguap (ng-uap)

English: to yawn

nguar (ng-uar)

English: to string

ngubeng (ng-ubeng)

English: to scold, condemn


English: of babies, to suck a breast which has no milk; to bite at without actually eating (eg. of tough skin)

ngubit (ng-ubit)

English: to bite, bite off

ngubpo (ng-ubpo)

English: to stop or rest

ngubu (ng-ubu)

English: to file or rub until worn out

ngubud (ng-ubud)

English: to take ubud

ngubuk (ng-mubuk)

English: to console or comfort


English: to praise


English: why?
Bahasa Malaysia: kenapa

ngudter (ng-udter)

English: to cause to stop

ngudtu' (ng-udtu')

English: to stop someone or something

ngudud (ng-udud)

English: to comb or brush the hair

ngugo (ng-ugo)

English: to cut hair the the traditional Kelabit way

ngugut (ng-ugut)

English: to bite with the front of the mouth

ngukab (ng-ukab)

English: to open (as a door)

ngukak (ng-ukak)

English: to peel

ngukil (ng-ukil)

English: to argue

ngukud (ng-kukud)

English: to feel the ground with one's feet; to wade


English: poke into any kind of hole with a finger, stick, etc

ngukul (ng-ukul)

English: to prod a hole, or to stir in a pot

ngukut (ng-ukut)

English: to dig with the hands

ngulin (ng-ulin)

English: to throw or hurtle

ngulit (ng-kulit)

English: to skin (fruit, small trees, bamboo)

nguned (ng-uned)

English: to correct, centre

ngunel (ng-unel)

English: to mistreat, to deal with heavily

ngupa (ng-upa)

English: to split, divide, share

ngupan (ng-upan)

English: to feed poultry or fish


English: to answer, respond to (an accusation, etc)

nguper (ng-uper)

English: make rope from bark fiber; to roll or tighten rope

ngurak (ng-urak)

English: to tear apart

ngurar (ng-urar)

English: to cut up ?

ngurat (ng-urat)

English: to wound

ngurek (ng-urek)

English: to measure

ngurih (ng-urih)

English: to eat too much

nguring (ng-uring)

English: to persuade persisently, nag, beg

ngurit (ng-urit)

English: to sketch or etch patterns, designs

ngurup (ng-urup)

English: to write letters of the alphabet

ngurur (ng-urur)

English: lower something slowly by rope


English: push something into


English: let or cause something to slide lengthwise (as someone sliding a log down a hill)

nguta' (ng-uta')

English: to vomit

ngutang (ng-utang)

English: to borrow, incur debt

ngutat (ng-utat)

English: to scatter (seeds, toys, people)


English: head ceremony (cf Lian pp83)

nguto (ng-uto)

English: to tease, poke fun at

nguuk (ng-uuk)

English: to call or shout


English: was yelled at by

niat (ne-iat)

English: to breathe

nidta' (ng-tidta')

English: to step on

nidtir (ng-didtir)

English: to add on extra material

nidtuk (ng-tidtuk)

English: to peck, of a bird; poke lightly with the finger

nidtul (ng-tidtul)

English: to point


English: was tied by


English: shy, ashamed
Bahasa Malaysia: malu


English: was licked by


English: to manage with much effort

nikel (ng-tikel)

English: just manage to get by, barely survive; to handle, to take care of (a problem); able to take something (as food after one has been sick)


English: was shaved by


English: was looked at by


English: to shine a torch or light


English: singed


English: was beaten or caned by


English: was held by

ninger (ng-dinger)

English: to hear, listen to


English: sweat bee ?


English: thin, of materials
Bahasa Malaysia: nipis

niri (ng-siri)

English: to straighten


English: was drunk by

nisi' (in-isi')

English: was filled by


English: section of the housepost from the `beladan' upward


English: was asked by

niu' (ng-diu')

English: to bathe someone (baby, or disabled adult)


English: to poke holes in the ground using a dibbling stick (for planting)

nu'i (ng-tu'i)

English: to raise up, to wake up someone

nu'ut (ne-u'ut)

English: smoke a pipe or a cigarette; suck


English: was strung by


English: cooked rice
Bahasa Malaysia: nasi


English: was bitten by

nubur (n-ubur)

English: was praised by

nudo (ng-tudo)

English: to set, put something in a place (as a pot on a mat, table)

nudtu' (ng-tudtu')

English: to add salt


English: sing "Ooooooo" in unison when singing ballads (cf Lian pp 139)


English: was combed by

nuduk (ng-tuduk)

English: to warn


English: hit over the head the something


English: was brought/ taken by

nuit (en-uit)

English: was brought by


English: thing, substance;


English: to dig
Bahasa Malaysia: menggali


English: food
Bahasa Malaysia: makanan


English: punished, judged ?


English: write
Bahasa Malaysia: tulis


English: was made alive, was made to grow ?

nulung (ng-tulung)

English: to help, assist


English: repair

nuno (ng-tuno)

English: to hammer (as iron, in making tools)

nunuh (ng-tunuh)

English: to roast, burn

nuped (ng-tuped)

English: to build, construct


English: to pullout hair using tweezers


English: was torn aprt by


English: to order or direct someone to do something

nuru' (ng-turu')

English: to command

nurun (ng-turun)

English: to lower, as a ladder; swoop down to attack or grab something (as birds of prey); to swarm of bees


English: to take beads off string

nuta' (in-uta')

English: was vomited (on) by


English: was owed to

nutu' (ng-tutu')

English: to drop


English: to burn, to make a fire (to burn wood prior to planting)?

nutuk (ng-tutuk)

English: 1) to hammer (as a peg into the ground); 2) to pound (chili peppers, ginger, etc.) with a pestle; 3) to throw something at someone or something (as in throwing pebbles at a target)


English: to try, taste; to challenge
Bahasa Malaysia: cuba


English: to cook in bamboo (meat, fish, veg)


English: to burn off the land prior to farming


English: in travelling, to stay behind someone who is slow to keep him or her moving


English: to burn with a torch (e.g. bees' nest)


English: to thread beads