A - Word List


English: A Bidayuh girl's name
Bahasa Malaysia: Nama Bidayuh


English: lost from view
Bahasa Malaysia: lesap


English: interior, inside
Bahasa Malaysia: ruang

aank bori

English: inside a house
Bahasa Malaysia: dalam rumah

Aank Goru’

English: a stream with its source at Mount Goru’ in Krokong
Bahasa Malaysia: Sungai Goru

Aank Minyowan

English: a river in Krokong - the village of Blinggink is located near the place where the Goru’ and the Minyowan rivers meet
Bahasa Malaysia: Sungai Minyowan

Aank Pidie'

English: The Pidie' River - it is the upper tributary of the Sarawak Kanan River. This upper reaches of the Sarawak River like its sister tributary, the Sarawak River Kiri, is a popular recreation destination. It used to be a dying ecosystem but efforts by the authorities to revive the flora and fauna in these watershed areas are slowly revitalising the river system. There are a number of jungle retreats in the area starting from the Silingguos settlement all the way down to the Fairy Caves and the Wind Cave near Bau.
Bahasa Malaysia: Sungai Pidie'

aank tolunt

English: in the jungle
Bahasa Malaysia: dalam hutan


English: don't know
Bahasa Malaysia: tak tahu


English: a root
Bahasa Malaysia: akar


English: a kitchen
Bahasa Malaysia: dapur


English: clouds
Bahasa Malaysia: awan

adoh adoh

English: nonsense
Bahasa Malaysia: tidak masuk akal


English: a name
Bahasa Malaysia: nama

adu adu

English: forever
Bahasa Malaysia: abadi


English: a picking pole
Bahasa Malaysia: kayu pemetik


English: a platform - This platform is a raised portion of the wall like a window seat that doubles as a sitting place during the day and a bed at night. The kombant or convertible roof is usually built above it to become a window to allow air to come in and cool the house during the day when you nukunk the kombant or raise it with a piece of wood. At night, the window is lowered to close the window. This kombant is call kombant bak kaa'os.
Bahasa Malaysia: pelantar


English: defeated
Bahasa Malaysia: kalah


English: a long wooden pestle - This goes together with a wooden mortar or lisuonk to pound paddy to get rice. It can be done solo, double, or even up to four people each pounding with their aluh at the same time. It makes the work faster.
Bahasa Malaysia: alu


English: a current
Bahasa Malaysia: arus


English: scrap
Bahasa Malaysia: keping


English: a mat
Bahasa Malaysia: tikar

ambuok bombant

English: a mat made of a reed plant found in swampy areas of Southeast Asia
Bahasa Malaysia: tikar bemban


English: to catch up with
Bahasa Malaysia: menyusul


English: to gape
Bahasa Malaysia: ternganga


English: gaping wide
Bahasa Malaysia: ternganga-nganga


English: insecure
Bahasa Malaysia: manja


English: a meal of mixed pork with rice - This meal is eaten as a snack at a ritual ceremony especially if it is carried out far from the house. It is cooked in bamboo for convenience.
Bahasa Malaysia: makanan campuran nasi dan daging yang dimasak dalam buluh


English: bare naked
Bahasa Malaysia: telanjang bulat


English: roof size - It is approximately six feet in length.
Bahasa Malaysia: Sais atap


English: flooded
Bahasa Malaysia: banjir


English: liquor
Bahasa Malaysia: arak

arak tondok

English: a moonshine
Bahasa Malaysia: arak buatan sendiri


English: not yet or still
Bahasa Malaysia: belum atau masih

aruo’ dakah

English: still physically fit
Bahasa Malaysia: masih cergas

asi' asi' geh

English: How annoying!
Bahasa Malaysia: geram nya


English: urine
Bahasa Malaysia: air kencing


English: breath
Bahasa Malaysia: nafas

asonk nyabuo

English: very greedy
Bahasa Malaysia: sangat gelojoh


English: smoke
Bahasa Malaysia: asap


English: a spear
Bahasa Malaysia: lembing


English: sour fruits
Bahasa Malaysia: asam

asuomp bowank

English: a wild jungle mango called mangifera pajang
Bahasa Malaysia: asam embang


English: a basket for winnowing
Bahasa Malaysia: nyiru


English: a balcony or veranda that runs the length of a longhouse and which is used as a communal space - There is an Awah Cafe located in the Dayak Bidayuh National Association headquarters which serves exotic Bidayuh cuisines. It is located in one of the awahs of the building.
Bahasa Malaysia: serambi, balkoni, beranda


English: a piece
Bahasa Malaysia: keping


English: space
Bahasa Malaysia: ruang angkasa


English: a bamboo drip - It is made by splitting a long bamboo into half and each one is used to join with other bamboos to form a long elevated drain to carry water downstream off a creek to a collection point very much like the Roman aqueduct
Bahasa Malaysia: titisan buluh


English: stalk
Bahasa Malaysia: tangkai


English: big
Bahasa Malaysia: besar


English: they, them
Bahasa Malaysia: mereka


English: a swing
Bahasa Malaysia: buaian