Aank Bori

English: (noun) inside a house

Bahasa Malaysia: dalam rumah

Pronunciation: /a:ŋk bɔɾɪ/

Source: Jecky Misieng

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aank: interior, inside

Aank Goru’: a stream with its source at Mount Goru’ in Krokong

Aank Minyowan: a river in Krokong - the village of Blinggink is located near the place where the Goru’ and the Minyowan rivers meet

Aank Pidie': The Pidie' River - it is the upper tributary of the Sarawak Kanan River. This upper reaches of the Sarawak River like its sister tributary, the Sarawak River Kiri, is a popular recreation destination. It used to be a dying ecosystem but efforts by the authorities to revive the flora and fauna in these watershed areas are slowly revitalising the river system. There are a number of jungle retreats in the area starting from the Silingguos settlement all the way down to the Fairy Caves and the Wind Cave near Bau.

aank tolunt: in the jungle

baank: onions

baank birieh: a small onion called shallot

baank mopu': a garlic

birieh paank: red faced

bori: a house

bori bak jorak: a traditional Bidayuh dwelling

bori galank: a hut

boris: a priestess - Bidayuhs of old would consult a boris to get relief from their ailments. During a gawai or gawia occasion, a group of boris will sit on a swing to sing ritualistic songs to the call the spirits and consult for advice

daank: inside

saank: a chillie

saank manduk: red hot chilli

taank: a cave