Uih Peh Dooq Pian Kuh Neh Petulu Ngen Kiko.

English: It’s nice meeting you too.

Source: Kelabit Portal


Akat akat neh ieh.
He was undaunted.

Ara' narih paban ngen nuk midih dih riak.
Do not quarrel with one another over belongings in the future.

belu'en muh kapeh neh idih.
Why do you need to clump the grass?

Beten muh ngudeh neh idih? (Tu'en muh ngabet ngudeh neh idih?)
Why do you have to tie it?

Bibpa' Supang uih na'eh.
I have just been urinated upon by Supang.

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apeh: where, whereabouts

berebpeh: pandan plant

depeh: fathom, distance between two outstretched hands

Dooq tuih: I am fine

duih: mine

kapeh: how?

Ken dooq tiko? Kapeh tiko?: How are you

Let ______ keduih.: I am from _____?

lipeh: side, as of the body

Mudeng ngapeh iko ngi Bario?: Where are you staying in Bario?

Mudeng ngi ________ uih.: I am staying at ______.

ngapeh: where?

peh 1: so far, til now

peh 2: so that, in order to

pipeh: having two sides, as right and left, inside and outside, etc.

sapeh: which?, which one?

tupeh: to pound rice into rice flour; a downward thrust into soil

uih: I, me

Dooq mayu ain dih terun. Laq keduih ngen idih.: That sounds good. I’ll have that.

Ken kereb ko mala kapeh uih mey nangey?: Can you tell me how to get there?

Laq mirup kupi keduih.: Yes, coffee please.

Mo, dooq tuih. Laq tebeyq uih ni’er menu muyuh dih?: Fine, thank you. Can I see a menu, please?

Ngadan kudih _________. Let ngapeh tebeyq kiko?: My name is ______. Where are you from?

Tu’uh tineh. Teminaq uih pukul 7.15 lekedtang.: I agree. I will be ready by 7.15am.