Let ______ Keduih.

English: I am from _____?

Source: Kelabit Portal

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a'it 1: sickness

a'it 2: wait

a'ud 1: wall hook on which objects are hung.

a'ud 2: wooden implement used for clearing (by pulling back grass or small shrubs while cutting)

aang 1: stopper for bottle or other container.

aang 2: tool used for gouging wood, adze

aban 1: fight or squabble over ownership of something

aban 2: because; unless, only if, when, due to

abang 1: drain, ditch, trench, canal

abang 2: type of vegetable

abi-abi: all, everyone

abin tesinah: mother's lap

abuk-abuk: intoxicated

adel 1: tick, buffalo flea

adel 2: padlock

adet 1: behaviour, character, personality

adet 2: customs, traditions,

adi' 1: previously farmed area which has become secondary forest

adi' 2: young children

adi' 3: because, that's why

ado-ado: keep one's distance

aduk 1: ostentation

aduk 2: towel

aduk-aduk: showing off

agur 1: grapes

agur 2: pellets used in gun cartridges

akat 1: stubbornness, defiance, answering back rudely

akat 2: bravery, courage

akat akat: undaunted

ala' 1: prone to making mistakes; lunatic