Mountains and Rivers in Bidayuh Bau

Aank Goru’

English: a stream with its source at Mount Goru’ in Krokong
Bahasa Malaysia: Sungai Goru

Aank Minyowan

English: a river in Krokong - the village of Blinggink is located near the place where the Goru’ and the Minyowan rivers meet
Bahasa Malaysia: Sungai Minyowan

Aank Pidie'

English: The Pidie' River - it is the upper tributary of the Sarawak Kanan River. This upper reaches of the Sarawak River like its sister tributary, the Sarawak River Kiri, is a popular recreation destination. It used to be a dying ecosystem but efforts by the authorities to revive the flora and fauna in these watershed areas are slowly revitalising the river system. There are a number of jungle retreats in the area starting from the Silingguos settlement all the way down to the Fairy Caves and the Wind Cave near Bau.
Bahasa Malaysia: Sungai Pidie'


English: at the the top or peak
Bahasa Malaysia: puncak

Bung Jagoi

English: Mount Jagoi - One of the early Bidayuh settlements was located here.
Bahasa Malaysia: Gunung Jagoi

Bung Muan

English: Mount Muan - It is located in the Peninjau highland areas. It is the location of the Rajah James Brooke's mountain retreat and there is a Rajah Brooke Heritage place situated not far from there. This hilly area is also well-known because of the Wallace Trail which is reported to be the same way the Borneo adventurer, Alfred Russel Wallace, took to study the flora and fauna in the area.
Bahasa Malaysia: Bukit Muan

Bung Tra'an

English: Mount Tra'an
Bahasa Malaysia: Gunung Tra'an


English: a mountain
Bahasa Malaysia: gunung

Dorod Bonguh

English: the Bungo Mountain Range
Bahasa Malaysia: Gunung Benguh

Dorod Kapow

English: Mount Kapow - This is where the famous Fairy Cave of Bau are located. Bidayuh legend in the area has it that the caves were formerly the village of Kapow. The whole place including its human and animal inhabitants were turned into stones by a curse of an angry old woman who found out that the villagers mistreated her grandson who was an orphan. They wrapped some charcoals in a leaf, saying it was grilled meat as a parting gift for his Gawai visit to the village.
Bahasa Malaysia: Gunung Kapor

Dorod Nyi’an

English: Mount Nyian - Located not far from Kupuo' Bijuray.
Bahasa Malaysia: Gunung Nyian

Dorod Orad

English: Mount Orad - This mountain is reported to have been the location of the fortress of Panglima Kurow. Panglima Kulow was a famous Bidayuh warrior who led a group of Bidayuh people to settle on the mountain after their earlier fortress at Bung Bratak was destroyed by marauding enemies. It is now a tourist attraction and many Bidayuhs make a pilgrimage to the mountain summit to visit Panglima Kulow's tomb.
Bahasa Malaysia: Gunung Orad

Dorod Podad

English: A mountain in Krokong - This is the location of the early settlement in the area called Krokong Mountain village not far from the old village of Prasuont.
Bahasa Malaysia: Gunung Podad

Dorod Sipingient

English: a mountain in Krokong - Literally, it means the Plate Mountain or Dorod Sipingient. It is part of a mountain range with Bung Tra’an as its neighboring peak. The original inhabitants of Blinggink came from a settlement built on the steep slopes of this mountain. On one of the slopes lies the Sinja Rock where legend has it that a Bidayuh warrior named Panglima Sukupit stood to defend his village against marauding enemies. The whole mountain area gets regular annual visits from his descendants who come up to collect stink fruits called durians which came from huge trees planted almost a hundred years ago as part of the village’s fruit garden. Fruit gardens like these are called lisont.
Bahasa Malaysia: Gunung Spingient

Dorod Tilambuo'

English: Trambuo Mountain - Located near the village of Staas in Bau.
Bahasa Malaysia: Gunung Trambuo