The World in Bidayuh Bau


English: clouds
Bahasa Malaysia: awan

bak ka'os

English: back of the house
Bahasa Malaysia: belakang rumah


English: 1. a star; 2. quite
Bahasa Malaysia: 1. bintang; 2; agak

botont ondu

English: the Sun
Bahasa Malaysia: matahari


English: rain
Bahasa Malaysia: hujan

ijant tata'

English: rain with sunshine - An old Bidayuh superstitious belief says that if you venture out or get caught in this rain, you will meet a tall ghost, fall ill and die if not treated by the shaman. Another version says that you will get caught in a net set by the tall ghost which usually appears in this type of rainy weather. The effect is the same.
Bahasa Malaysia: hujan panas


English: a westerner or white people
Bahasa Malaysia: orang putih