Place Names in Bidayuh Bau


English: Bau town - The district administrative center for the Bau district which has a long colorful history dating back to the Brooke era. Also known as the Gold Town for an obvious reason, it boasts an artificial lake called Tasik Biru which used to be a gold mining pit. Nowadays, the only valuable thing extracted there are the beautiful scenery and the annual Tasik Biru Festival. No swimming is allowed due the high amount of cyanide still present in the water.
Bahasa Malaysia: Pekan Bau


English: Bidi
Bahasa Malaysia: Pekan Bidi


English: an island of trees in a secondary forest left fallow for a number of years before it is made into a swidden again for planting hill paddy
Bahasa Malaysia: tanah simpanan untuk penanaman padi bukit


English: Tebang
Bahasa Malaysia: Pengkalan Tebang


English: Tondong
Bahasa Malaysia: Tondong


English: a padi field
Bahasa Malaysia: huma