Bung Jagoi

English: (noun) Mount Jagoi - One of the early Bidayuh settlements was located here.

Bahasa Malaysia: Gunung Jagoi

Source: Jecky Misieng

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Bijagoi: the people of Jagoi in Bau, Malaysia - This group of Bidayuh people reside mainly in the Bau district. They speak the Jagoi dialect and are found in settlements such as Tongang, Opar, Jugan, Serasot, Duyuoh, Staas, Groguo, Sibuluh, the Suba Buans, and the Krokong areas. They all have common ancestors who were inhabitants of the Bung Bratak settlements of long ago.

bung: at the the top or peak

Bung Biratak: Mount Bratak - It was once a large Bidayuh hill settlement of seven longhouses before the inhabitants were brave enough to venture to other places in Bau. The Bidayuhs of Bau revered this place as a point of their origin. On May 1st every year, Bidayuh people and their friends come from all over to pay homage to this place. It usually takes about half an hour to reach the top from the roadside parking area.

Bung Muan: Mount Muan - It is located in the Peninjau highland areas. It is the location of the Rajah James Brooke's mountain retreat and there is a Rajah Brooke Heritage place situated not far from there. This hilly area is also well-known because of the Wallace Trail which is reported to be the same way the Borneo adventurer, Alfred Russel Wallace, took to study the flora and fauna in the area.

Bung Tra'an: Mount Tra'an

bungan: a roof top

Jagoi: a dialect of Bidayuh in Bau

Kupuo' Dorod Jagoi: Mount Jagoi Village - It was one of the first Bidayuh dwellings in Bau just like Bung Bratak. There is only one inhabitant left in the village which is located not far from the summit of the mountain after most of the inhabitants moved closer to the road in the valley below. It is now a Bidayuh heritage site and the whole mountain area is declared a park where visitors can climb and enjoy the view as well as study the flora and fauna of the region.

sibungas: the first time

sinbunggas: beginning