Dialect(s): Woq Helaq

English: (verb) to know

Bahasa Indonesia: tahu

Pronunciation: in

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to In

bain: to carry something on the back, like a bag, backpack, or another person.

baing léin: 1) tusk, 2) canine tooth, 3) fang

be'éin: difficult

bueng beléing: hair whorl, area on the crown of the head where the hair typically forms a circular pattern

daing delun: rainbow

déing: wall

deuq le'ain: forehead

ebéing: shirt

empain: to wipe

empéin: dream

endain: numb, of limbs

endin: to lean

enggauq hin sewang: twelve

enlin: sharpen

etla hin sewang: thirteen, 13

eun éing: waist

gueng laing: throat

haing: Sun hat. The traditional wide-brimmed circular hat worn for protection from the sun and rain.

hejeun kejin: afterlife

heléing: begin

henyin jip: hen

hesin: 1) stairs, 2) ladder

hetéin: leaf

hin: from

in: remember

kenwaing: stoft-shelled turtle

kenyin: ear

kewéing: loincloth

lahjin: durian

laing: 1) feeling, 2) emotion