Gueng Laing

Dialect(s): Woq Helaq

English: (noun) throat

Bahasa Indonesia: tenggorokan

Pronunciation: guə̯ŋ layŋ

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to Gueng Laing

gueng: a place, location

gueng enée: trail

gueng jim: pig pen

gueng ok: Nape of the neck. The area on the back of the neck just above the shoulders.

gueng penée: A temporary shelter, hut, or shack.

gueng pengun: door

gueng sieq: foot prints or animal tracks

gueng waq: mouth

ken gueng: hole

laing: 1) feeling, 2) emotion

laing: To carry. A basic word used for carrying.

lelaing: star

melaing: to fly

mengueng: skinny

neaq gueng kehée: talk

pelaing: monitor lizard of a smaller size

tedak gueng lain: uvula

telaing: bright

wahgueng: bear