Aban 2

English: (conjunction) because; unless, only if, when, due to

Bahasa Malaysia: sebab; jika tidak

Source: Peter Martin's Kelabit Dictionary

Related to Aban 2

aban 1: fight or squabble over ownership of something

abang 1: drain, ditch, trench, canal

abang 2: type of vegetable

jaban: toilet, washroom

kerabang: area between the legs, crotch

naban (ng-taban): to run away with, steal, kidnap, elope with

ngabang 1: to make or cut a ditch or drain

ngabang 2: to ambush someone

paban: to fight over something

pepaban (pep-aban) paban, (p-aban): to quarrel with one another

petaban (pep-taban): to elope with one another; to carry away each others things

saban: fight or squabble over ownership of something

sinaban (s-in-aban): claimed and taken away, was kidnapped by, eloped with

taban: running away with someone or something; stealing, elopement, kidnapping

tabang: long bamboo section used to carry water; bamboo water container