English: An auxiliary type verb used to create a passive sentence.

Bahasa Malaysia: Kata kerja jenis tambahan yang digunakan membuat ayat pasif.

Pronunciation: [ən]

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to En

ameng: One who does not speak.

areng: First.

areng: Burning coal.

aveng: Fin of a fish.

ayen: Do not, as a command, as in `do not do that'.

baeng: Parang or machette.

bangen: 1) Happy. 2) Proud.

bareng: 1) Only. 2) Normal. 3) Meaningless.

belengang: The Rhinoceros Hornbill. A large hornbill with a long and curved yellow-red casque on its upper beak.

beliren: Whirlpool.

bena: Needle.

bene': Seedling or new sprout.

beng: Blind. To be blind.

bengu'ang: The Adam's apple. Visible protrusion on the front of the throat.

bereng: To wake up.

betu'en: Star in the night sky.

bi'en: Time.

bilen: To call out to someone.

bileng: Green. To be green.

biven: Lonely. Being alone and feeling lonely.

bu'en: Domesticated pig.

budeng: Artistic design, usually of the traditional Kenyah art style.

dau areng rai: Day before yesterday.

gaten: To be itchy.

i'eng: Waist.

igeng: Edge or ridge of something.

ijen: Engine.

ja'et tuyen: To feel sad.

jen: 1) From. 2) Than. Used in the sense of being more or less "than" something or someone else. 3) Something. Used in reference to an unknown thing.

jipe penya': Molar tooth.