Mai Puru Duwŭh

English: eighty -two, 82

Bahasa Malaysia: lapan puluh dua, 82

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Ani agah mai?: How are you? Polite way to ask a person that is older than you

Buran Duwŭh: February

Buran Mai: August

Buran Simŭng Duwŭh: December

diya tipurung: higher ground tortoise

duwŭh: two, 2

duwŭh puru: twenty, 20

duwŭh puru duwŭh: twenty-two, 22

duwŭh puru ju: twenty-seven, 27

duwŭh puru mai: twenty-eight, 28

duwŭh puru ni: twenty-one, 21

duwŭh puru nŭm: twenty-six, 26

duwŭh puru pat: twenty-four, 24

duwŭh puru piri'ii: twenty-nine, 29

duwŭh puru ribu: twenty thousand, 20,000

duwŭh puru rimŭh: twenty-five, 25

duwŭh puru taruh: twenty-three, 23

duwŭh ribu: two thousand, 2,000

duwŭh ribu pat puru: two thousand and forty, 2,040

ju puru: seventy, 70

ju puru duwŭh: seventy-two, 72

ju puru ni: seventy-one, 71

mai: yours, used when speaking to eldery

mai (8): eight, 8

mai puru: eighty, 80

mai puru ni: eighty-one, 81

nŭm puru: sixty, 60

nŭm puru duwŭh: sixty-two, 62

nŭm puru ni: sixty-one, 61

pat puru: forty, 40