Anak Dayung

English: daughter

Bahasa Malaysia: anak perempuan

Related to Anak Dayung

agong papan dayung: wide &shallow gong (smaller)

anak: child; offspring

anak akat: adopted child

anak ambaa: child from previous marriage

anak anyaa: young child or a teenager

anak apang: illegitimate child

anak ayo’: piglet

anak buran: new moon

anak dari: son

anak kesong: puppy

anak pira: infant

anak sikura: school children

anak siyok: chick

anak sungi: small stream, tributary

anak tembŭ: the only child in family

anak tiri: step child

anak tirinju: little finger

dayung: girl, woman, lady, female

juwah dayung: woman’s woven back basket

kisar dayung: moving piece of the kisar

semba dayung: aunt who is older sibling of either parent

sikek dayung: sister in law, elder brother's wife

sudek dayung: younger sister

tuwa dayung: aunt who is younger sibling of either parent

Anak asi ku'u?: Whose child are you?