Personal Pronouns in Modang


English: The two of us. This is the first-person inclusive dual pronoun. It essentially means "you and I". When speaking about exactly two people, the use of the dual pronoun is required.
Bahasa Indonesia: kita berdua


English: The three of us. This is the first person inclusive trial pronoun. It means you two and I. It is used to indicate a group consisting of the speaker and two other people to whom the speaker is talking.
Bahasa Indonesia: kita bertiga


English: The two of you. This is the second person dual pronoun. It is used when speaking to two people.
Bahasa Indonesia: kalian berdua


English: you, singular
Bahasa Indonesia: kamu


English: The three of you. This is the second person trial pronoun. It is used when directly addressing a group of three people.
Bahasa Indonesia: kamu bertiga


English: All of you. This is the true second person plural pronoun, used when addressing a group of more than three people.
Bahasa Indonesia: kalian


English: I, me. The first person singular pronoun. Used when referring to oneself.
Bahasa Indonesia: aku, saya


English: We (exclusive). This word is used to refer to a group of people that does not include the listener, "All of us but not you". It is a plural pronoun, and because Modang has dual and trial pronouns, this word is only used when the group has four or more people.
Bahasa Indonesia: kami semua


English: First person dual exclusive. Meaning "the two of us but not you". Used when referring to yourself and one other person, excluding the person that you are talking to.
Bahasa Indonesia: kami berdua


English: First person trial exclusive. This pronoun means "the three of us but not you". Used to refer to a group of three people that includes the speaker but excludes the listener.
Bahasa Indonesia: kami bertiga


English: they, them (plural, referring to a large group of four or more people)
Bahasa Indonesia: mereka semua


English: those two, the two of them
Bahasa Indonesia: mereka berdua


English: 1) he, 2) she, 3) it
Bahasa Indonesia: dia


English: They three, the three of them.
Bahasa Indonesia: mereka bertiga


English: We, us. All of us. First person plural inclusive pronoun.
Bahasa Indonesia: kita