It Ma

Dialect(s): Woq Helaq

English: how?

Bahasa Indonesia: bagaimana

Pronunciation: it ma

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to It Ma

eléit: scar

emman: to block or to be in the way of someone or something

henyéit: spicy

it: to resemble someone or something

kepéit: wing

lema: where?

lengéit: sky

lengeit teleaq: palate or roof of the mouth

maé: We (exclusive). This word is used to refer to a group of people that does not include the listener, "All of us but not you". It is a plural pronoun, and because Modang has dual and trial pronouns, this word is only used when the group has four or more people.

mahléing: new

mahméin: pregnant

maih: sweet

maik: floor

mak: 1) weak, 2) soft

mauq: five

mauq: farm, (rice) field

mauq hin sewang: fifteen

mauq peleuq: fifty

meséit: to squeeze

naq ma: which one?

neaq weaq wéit: to whistle

ngait: urine

ngepséit: wet

nyekait: To ascend, climb something

nyema: when?

nyepéit: To clamp something. Pinch together.

pait aih: knife

soqdit: few

temang: thick

temauq: clothes louse or body louse