Pa Tinueh

English: right

Bahasa Malaysia: kanan

Source: Donna Labo (Buduk Nur) via Robert Laird

Related to Pa Tinueh

abpa: jump down, drop from above

abpa': water

aco epat: Thursday

apat: four, 4

bulan epat: April

kelupan: forget

lai lai mehr pad: similar

le miud pa kabing: turn left

le miud pa tinueh: turn right

na mepad: different

pa atun: infront

pa beneh: below, down, under

pa kabing: left

pa keted: behind

pa lun: up, over, above, on top (e.g. over the mountain)

pad: the same

pad dengan: equals

pade': unhusked rice (either in the field or already harvested)

papu': meet (to meet you)

rayeh pipang: wide

repar: feet