English: (Personal Pronoun) Third person singular pronoun. Meaning `he' or `her'.

Bahasa Malaysia: Orang ketiga singular pronoun. Bermaksud `dia'.

Pronunciation: [yɨ]

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to Ye

aye: Eight.

ayen: Do not, as a command, as in `do not do that'.

baye: Crocodile.

bunyem: To smile.

ja'et tuyen: To feel sad.

keaye: Eighth. The eighth thing in a sequence.

kunyet: Turmeric.

kunyet bawang: Dragonfly.

laye: Inland. Away from the river. Uphill, as when traveling inland away from the river.

manyep: Sharp; sharpened.

ngemanyep: To sharpen something.

nye': Negative marker. No; not.

nyekalong: To cuddle with someone.

nyelivon: To gather things.

nyeliwah: To repay someone.

nyelo': To swallow something.

nyematek: A type of leech, usually found in the jungle. This type of leech may be found on dry land, not necessarily in water.

nyemula: To spit.

nyemulai: General term for snake.

nyepa': To chew on betel nut.

nyepoot: To whistle.

panyen: Non-aristocratic class.

panyen lamen: Slave. Lowest social class in traditional Kenyah social hierarchy.

panyen uma': Commoner. Low class in traditional Kenyah society. Not as low as panyen lamen, and the panyen uma' have their own room in the longhouse.

tuyen: A feeling or emotion.

yeng: Mosquito.