English: (Personal Pronoun) The third person plural genitive pronoun, meaning `theirs'.

Bahasa Malaysia: Orang ketiga plural genitive pronoun, yang bermaksud `mereka'.

Pronunciation: [rɨ]

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to Re

are: An existential copula, meaning there are, it is, (he/she/it) exists, is present, or to have.

areng: First.

areng: Burning coal.

arep: Trust.

bareng: 1) Only. 2) Normal. 3) Meaningless.

beliren: Whirlpool.

bereng: To wake up.

bure: Intestines. Inner organs.

dau areng rai: Day before yesterday.

ire: They, them. The third person plural pronoun.

kare: Grasshopper. A general term which may cover a variety of grasshopper-like insects.

kare jelau: Stick bug. A type of insect that is long and slender with a body resembling a small branch or twig.

kare parai: Mantis.

kare ta'i: Cricket.

kelure: A story.

kire': A kettle.

marek: To kiss.

marek ba'o': To smell.

maren: 1) Expensive. 2) Rare. 3) Prestigious.

mareng: 1) New. 2) Again.

merem: 1) To be dark. 2) Night.

mereng: To wake somebody.

mereti: To understand.

murep: To be alive.

nareng: To begin.

nekurek: To scratch as a chicken does.

ngepurep: To raise something up.

nyare: Negative existential . Meaning `to not exist' or `to not have'. A contraction of nye' are.

nyareng: A Kenyah name.

parek: Smaller type of empurau fish.