English: (Question Word) Where?

Bahasa Malaysia: Di mana?

Pronunciation: [mɨ]

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to Me

ame': We, us (exclusive). The first person plural exclusive pronoun meaning we or us (not including you). Used to exclude the listener from the group.

ame' pade': Siblings and cousins.

ame' we: The two of us (but not you). The first person dual exclusive pronoun. Used to refer to a group of two people which excludes the listener.

ameng: One who does not speak.

bulan kamet: Full moon.

jamok lumet: Sand fly. A type of very small flying insect with a painful bite. May refer to any number of such species.

keleme: Fifth.

kelumet: Roasted wild boar wrapped with mashed tapioca.

kimet: 1) Feeling or feelings, as in one's feelings or emotions. 2) Thought or idea.

lamen: Room or individual families unit within a long house.

lamen biyo': Sitting room.

leme: Five.

lemek: To be fat.

lumet: Small.

mebah: To roast or cook on the open flame.

meban: To pound on something with the fist.

mebo: To help.

medah: To hit.

mede': To go upriver.

mee: 1) Delicious. Taste good. 2) Sweet in taste.

megen: To lay someone down, like putting an infant down to sleep.

mejai: To give by hand.

mejam: 1) Skilled at something. 2) Smart. 3) To know how to do something.

mejoi: To shout.

mejong: To hunt.

mek: Goat.

meken: How?

mekep: To cover.

mekom: Greedy.

meli: To buy something.