English: (Noun) A certain type of leaf.

Bahasa Malaysia: Jenis daun tertentu.

Pronunciation: [loŋ]

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to Long

kalong: A hug. Embrace.

kulong: Toy.

long: River mouth; area around river mouth, delta. Where a smaller river flows into a larger river.

long san: The village of Long San. Located in the upper Baram area, Marudi division, Sarawak, Malaysia. The dialect of Lebo' Vo' Long Tikan in this dictionary is based primarily on the speech of this community.

long selatong: A Kenyah longhouse, just upriver from Long San. Occupied by Lepo' Gah Kenyah.

ngalong: To hug something or someone tightly.

ngelong: To look inside, like carefully looking inside of a room to see if anyone is there.

nulong: To help with something.

nyekalong: To cuddle with someone.

silong: Face.