Jo Ato Ji Jap

English: (Noun) One hundred and ten

Bahasa Malaysia: Seratus sepuluh

Pronunciation: [ʄo ato ʄi ʄap]

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to Jo Ato Ji Jap

ajo': Long.

ato: Hundred. Usually with a numeral in front such as jo ato `one hundred' or lue ato `two hundred'.

batok: Neck.

bua' ujo: Finger.

gatong: 1) Type of gong. 2) A drum.

jap jo: Eleven

jato: One hundred.

ji jap: Ten

ji jap ibu: Ten thousand

jo: 1) One. 2) An indefinite determiner, `a' or `an'.

jo ato: One hundred.

jo ato ibu: One hundred thousand

jo ibu: One thousand.

jo juta: One million.

jo': Far. Distant.

jok: To ask as a request.

latong: Bamboo.

lejok lejok: To move in jumps.

lida' ujo': Palm of the hand.

long selatong: A Kenyah longhouse, just upriver from Long San. Occupied by Lepo' Gah Kenyah.

majo': A long time.

mejoi: To shout.

mejong: To hunt.

nekejok: To jump.

nujo': To point.

patot: Should.

pejoi: A shout. Shouting.

tajo: A traditional type of bridge or crossing over something, not usually used in reference to modern bridges used for cars.

tekejok: Jump.

tujo': The index finger, used for pointing.