English: (Conjunction) If.

Bahasa Malaysia: Jika.

Pronunciation: [ɓo]

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to Bo

abon: 1) Cloud. 2) Fog.

baboi: Wild boar. Wild pig.

belubong ulu: The hair whorl in the center of the top of the head.

bok: Hair on the head.

boop: Book.

kelibo pek: A chisel.

kubo' liang: A type of raised grave.

kubong: The flying lemur, flying fox, or colugo. A type of mamal that does not ``fly'', but instead climbs trees, jumps, and glides over long distances with its large flaps of skin between its arms and legs.

labo': To fall down.

lebo' vo': The Lebo' Vo' people, their language, and culture. A sub-group of the Kenyah people. Lebo' Vo' have settled in Long San, Long Ikang, and Long Selaan, three communities on the Baram River, Sarawak, Malaysia.

libon: Granary. Storage area for grains, mostly rice.

lubon: Number.

mabok: To be drunk.

mebo: To help.

nubo: To take carre of someone or something.

piboi: To follow.

subok: A type of black fire ant.

subong: Proud.

subot: The soft spot on the top of an infant's head.

tebon: The Helmeted Hornbill. A type of hornbill with a small, solid crest, distinct from other hornbills with a large semi-hollow crest. The Helmeted Hornbill has particularly long tail feathers which are white with a black stripe near the tip and are important in certain traditional clothing. It is also distinguished by exposed skin on the front of its neck.

ubo': Deaf.