English: (Preposition)

1) A locative preposition usually meaning at. 2) place

Bahasa Malaysia:

1) preposisi locatif biasanya bermaksud pada. 2) tempat

Pronunciation: [ata]

Source: Alexander D. Smith

Related to Ata

ade' lata': Older or eldest sibling.

ata': 1) Raw or uncooked. 2) Unripe.

atai: Liver.

atau: Or.

batang: A classifier for stick-like objects.

gata' baa: Unpolished rice or left over rice husks in small quantity found among processed rice.

jebatan: Modern type of bridge.

katah: Sunshine.

katai: To fight.

katap: To follow someone's lead or way of doing things. Imitate.

lata': 1) Big. 2) Older.

mata': 1) Unripe. 2) Raw; uncooked.

matai: To die.

nematai: To kill someone.

patai: Death; be dead.

selata': To slip and fall.