Me 2

English: (conjunction) and, with

Bahasa Malaysia: dan, dengan

Source: Peter Martin's Kelabit Dictionary

Related to Me 2

ameg: punch

amer: parts of fruit (perianth) (eg. jackfruit, langsat, tarap, etc) that is not eaten; fibres in the mango

amet: clawing, snatching

dame: luke warm

edto limeh: Friday

eme: go, go to

eme': goat

gamet: hawk

gesimel: clothes louse, bed bug

imet: a grasp or hold on something

kekamen: work

kelimeng: barrel made of tree bark used for storage of dry items; drum-like container

kemeluh: give up

lemek: fat of an animal, grease

limeh: five

lun merar: social adult

mameg: to accidentally slap someone on the back

me 1: go, go to

mebpa: to entangle hair, to disentangle hair

mebpa (em-ebpa): to fall, of people or animals falling accidentally; to drop (person) from a platform

mebpa' (em-ebpa'): melt

mebpak (ng-bebpak): to tear

mebpan (ng-bebpan): to catch birds with a bird-line stick

mebpat (ng-bebpat): to share, divide

mebped (ng-bebped): tie by winding around, (bundles, bandages on limbs, etc.)

mebpek (ng-bebpek): break something into small particles; pound something finely

mebpel (ng-mebpel): to return a favour, to take vengeance

mebpen (em-ebpen): sink into the earth (unintentional action)

mebpen (ng-mebpen): 1) to close the mouth or the opening of a container by covering; 2) make something sink into the ground

mebper (ng-mebper): to fan the fire