Lun Ruyong

English: relative

Bahasa Malaysia: saudara

Source: Borneo Lingua-Hack


Neh nabak lun ma'un maya' reked neh.
That's the ancient canal along the slope.

Nih nabang sinaru' lun ma'un lu'un turud ineh.
This ditch was made by ancient people across the ridge.

Related to Lun Ruyong

alung: bracken fern

balun: hurt

belalung: belalung la'al: chicken basket

bilun: aeroplane

bulung: to swear

demulun: slave, servant

dulun: other people

elung 1: crested fireback pheasant

elung 2: confluence of two rivers

ilun: nail of finger or toe

ilung 1: seed, corn kernel

ilung 2: purpose, meaning, motive

julung: prow of a canoe, boat

kelulun: can be rolled

kelulung: wood shavings used for decoration

lemulun: person, human being

linulun: was rolled up by

lulun: a roll of something; act of rolling up (mats, sheets)

lun: person, people

lun merar: social adult

lun royong: family

lunek: thick, juicy lining inside the seed coat in a jackfruit

lunging: mortar, usu made of made, for pounding small items

lungo: to rest at someone's home

lungun: coffin (term used by the older generation)

lunu': gums

malun: injure, an animal

mulun: to live, living; to grow, growing

mulung (ng-bulung): to curse

nebilung: to dent to disort the shape of something