Edto Limeh

English: Friday

Source: Kelabit Portal

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edto: day

edto duweh: Tuesday

edto edteh: Monday

edto enem: Saturday

edto epat: Thursday

edto migu: Sunday

edto teluh: Wednesday

limeh: five

Limeh minit tupu teh let nginih: It’s only about 5 minutes walk from her.

Limeh rigit tupu.: Thank you. That’ll be RM5.

Mo, dooq teh. Petulu edto riak pukul 7.15 lekedtang.: Alright. See you tomorrow at 7.15am.

Terima kasih ngemuh. Enun suk leng dooq main edto kinih?: Thank you. What’s today’s special?

Terima kasih ngemuh. Repet ngemuh dooq udeng edto kinih.: Thank you and have a good day.