English: (conjunction) in case, in the event, maybe, perhaps

Bahasa Malaysia: jikalau, sekiranya, mungkin, barangkali

Source: Peter Martin's Kelabit Dictionary


Dara' narih ela' aduk-aduk, awe dulun ela' da'et si'er ngen narih.
Don't show off, other people might not like it.

Dara' narih naap bigan ineh, awe dih ela' mala narih manga.
Do not lick the plate, or they will say you are greedy.

Ngabet raben-raben eta ineh leh, awe ieh ela' upun buro.
Tie the fence securely in case it tries to escape.

Nih nuk midih dadih nalud kamih me pela'ud ikup dih awe ideh mikat mabeh idih.
Their belongings were boated down to below the gorge so that they did not have to carry them.

Tu'en narih ngabin iah lem alud dih keh, awe ieh delo tudo sebuleng.
Let him sit on your lap in the boat in case he is not confident to sit by himself.

Related to Awe

aweh: marriage

awer: small rapids, swift part of the river

baweh: enemy

Dooq-dooq lawey narih: Have a pleasant trip

gaweng: rattan basket

gerisawen: disturb

lawe: walk

lawe lawe: walk about aimlessly

laweh: message sent ahead (to inform of death, festival, party)

linawe (l-in-awe): walked; a trip, journey

mawer: swift flowing (of a river)

mawer (m-awer): swift flowing, quick

ngaweh (ng-aweh): to get married

paweh (pep-aweh): to marry one another, matrimonial matters

pebaweh (pep-baweh): to be enemies with someone

rawen: mad, mentally deranged

saweng: inability to see in the dark, night blindness

serawe: beaviour

tawek: gong