Dini Rumah Nuan?

English: Where is your house?

Bahasa Malaysia: Di manakah rumah kamu?

Source: Borneo Lingua-Hack

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Dini alai bansal nganti bas?: Where is the bus stop?

Dini alai endur makai?: Where is the place to eat?

Dini alai jamban?: Where is the toilet?

Nama berita nuan?: How are you? Polite way to ask a person that is older than you

Nama rita nuan?: How are you?

rumah: house

rumah panjai: longhouse

rumah pasung: jail, police cell

bakani sepil nama nuan?: how to spell your name?

Berapa iko ikan ka dibeli nuan?: How many fish do you want to buy?

Dini: where

dini alai endur tu?: where is this place?

Dini endur nya?: Where is that place?

Dini endur tu?: Where is this place?

Dini nuan diau?: Where do you live?

Dini nuan gawa?: Where do you work?

Dini nuan sekula?: Where do you study?

dini tua makai ?: where we want to eat?

Ka kini nuan?: Where are you going?

Lapa nuan enda ngaga pengawa nuan?: Why are you not doing your work?

Sapa nama nuan?: What is your name? Used to ask more than one person, or talking to an older person