Parapakug (Bk.)

Variations: parapakog (Sd.)

English: (noun) a knocking sound

Bahasa Malaysia: bunyi sentuhan

Related to Parapakug (Bk.)

lubui (Bk.): a deep pool

macal (Bk.): to squeeze

macŭ' (Bk.): to fish with cross-framed net

madel (Bk.): to shoot with small bamboo pop gun

malu' (Bk.): to chip off thorn

manggang (Bk.): to cook food in bamboo

marub (Bk.): to walk through bush

marui (Bk.): to materialise

micit (Bk.): to squeeze

miningin (Bk.): a food stuck between the teeth

miraagak (Bk.): curly

mungas (Bk.): first to do

naabi' (Bk.): 1) to salute 2) to shake hand

naba (Bk.): to hammer hot iron

nadŭ' (Bk.): to heat

nadŭg (Bk.): to share

nahat (Bk.): a monitor lizard

ncadu' (Bk.): to hiccup

ncŭ'ŭn (Bk.): to get

ngaajok (Bk.): 1) to pierce 2) to bring something down with pole

ngaambeh (Bk.): to accompany

ngaango (Bk.): to carry on the shoulder

ngumo' (Bk.): to add in water

nguta' (Bk.): to vomit

ntijeg (Bk.): to stand on tip toes

nturi (Bk.): a testicle

numo' (Bk.): to add in water

nyaalar (Bk.): aflame

nyaangkul (Bk.): to dig (with hoe)

pagong (Bk.): a pond