Mpakŭt (Sd.)

English: (noun) a cobweb

Bahasa Malaysia: pukat mangga

Related to Mpakŭt (Sd.)

kaandung kaseet (Sd.): urinary bladder

kidanau (Sd.): a dragon fly

lume' (Sd.): 1) soft, 2) a soft sea fish

maabep (Sd.): a first bad fruit drop

maadang (Sd.): to burn

macat (Sd.): to fish with cross-framed net

madil (Sd.): to shoot with small bamboo pop gun

malai (Sd.): a recent fallow ground

mangŭ' (Sd.): to cook food in bamboo

micet (Sd.): to squeeze

midees (Sd.): sore eyes

milakang (Sd.): to harden

mincang (Sd.): to carry on shoulder

miraabi' (Sd.): overflowed

miralu (Sd.): to need

miriya (Sd.): 1) fussy 2) special

mpaadŭd (Sd.): 1) numb 2) tasteless 3) slow (response) 4) flat (sound)

mpaakŭb (Sd.): stumble face down

mpaapeng (Sd.): a cockroach

mpaces (Sd.): sudden (drop)

mpagaang (Sd.): a glutinous rice cooked in bamboo (for ritual)

muncang (Sd.): a fox

naantŭ' (Sd.): to guess

nabu (Sd.): to weed

nadag (Sd.): to divide

nampek (Sd.): to smear

napik (Sd.): to sprinkle

narat (Sd.): a monitor lizard

nawan (Sd.): 1) to dry 2) to expose to the sun

nayan (Sd.): 1) a clothes line 2) to hang to dry