Kirasah Tung Mayŭ'

English: spread of clouds

Bahasa Malaysia: hamparan awan

Related to Kirasah Tung Mayŭ'

katūng: tight

kirasah: rattan mat

kituntung: to light up

mantung: to punch

mutung: 1) to cut clothes 2) to operate 3) to tap rubber

ngaantung: 1) to hang up 2) to withhold; postpone

ngatŭng: to tighten

nuntung: to lit

paatung: a type of bamboo

patung: kind of large bamboo

sintung: heart

situngging: kneel and bow down

suntung: octopus

tungar: cousin

tungging: kneel and bow down

tungging-kaalak: fall head over heal

tunggu: dead branch

tungkah: season

tungkal: in great fear

tungkal sibayan: frightened bu departed spirit

tungkang: post; pillar

tungkat: 1) supporting stick 2) walking stick

tungkeng: sireh pack

tungkol: group

tungkus: wrapped food

tungku’: cooking pot stand tripod

tungku’ abuh: property to be inherited by one of the siblings who look after the parents until death

tungoon: burnt wood

tungu: 1) dead trunk 2) fine(traditional law)

tūngūn: tree trunk