Yoh (iyoh)

English: yes

Bahasa Malaysia: ya

Pronunciation: /jɔh/, /ɪjɔh/

Source: Jecky Misieng

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Bidoyoh: Land Dayak - The word Bidoyoh was originally coined in the Biatah dialect 'Bideyeh' which literally means people of (bi) the land (doyoh) hence the translation of Land Dayak. These people speak a number of major dialects namely the Jagoi, Singgai, and Serembu in Bau, the Biatah and Bianah in Padawan and the Bukar and Sadong in Serian. They used to live in longhouse communities but it is not common anymore. One famous Bidayuh longhouse in Padawan called Anah Rais is a tourist attraction.

doyoh: a land

iyoh: he, she or it

poyoh: a platform on top of a fireplace to store firewood

jowint iyoh koda' oyunk: His face is like a monkey's face

oni oni geh di nai iyoh noh?: What the heck is he/she doing?