English: (noun) rubbish/trash

Bahasa Malaysia: sampah

Pronunciation: /ᴜmbaŋk/

Source: Jecky Misieng

Related to Umbank

Kupuo' Gumbank: a remote Bidayuh village located in the upper reaches of Pidie' River - This group of people along with those from Tilingguos and Padank Pan migrated from a village on the other side of the Bengoh Mountain Range. Some are said to have come from Indonesia to join their relatives there. They speak the Biatah dialect called Maan. Not too long ago, the Krokong Bidayuh villagers downstream viewed them as rather primitive and alien due to limited contact. With the advent of good road accessibility, more contacts among them have somehow diminished this perception and they were accepted as equal to the other Bidayuhs. Besides, the road brings many utilities and facilities to help improve their lives. Today, they can speak both the Maan and the Jagoi dialects.

tumbank: to collapse

tumbank bikadank: to fall flat