English: (noun) a Bidayuh dialect in Bau, Malaysia - This dialect is spoken by a group of Bidayuhs in Bau collectively referred to as the Bisinggai. Intelligibility between the Singgai and the Jagoi varieties is quite high where many speakers of both dialects can carry a normal conversation using their respective mother tongue. Differences are mainly pronunciations and a number of lexical items.

Bahasa Malaysia: dialek Bidayuh di Bau

Pronunciation: /sɪŋgaɪ/

Source: Jecky Misieng

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Bisinggai: the people of Singgai - These Bidayuhs speak the Singgai dialect. This is the only Bidayuh group who used to have a king ruling over them. Some of their major settlements are Apar, Atas, Sudoh and Segong. There are a number tourist attractions in the Singgai area such as the Singgai Plateau, the Association of Research and Development Movement of Singgai (REDEEMS) center and the newly opened Borneo Tribal Village in Apar.