English: (conjunction) so that

Bahasa Malaysia: supaya

Pronunciation: /saʔ/

Source: Jecky Misieng

Related to Sa'

bisa': wet

bisa' bauh: soaked or completely wet

dasa': shy

Kupuo' Pisa': the village of Pisa’ in Bau, Malaysia - The inhabitants of this settlement were originally from the mountain village or Kupuo' Dorod or Piros, one of the early settlements of Bidayuhs in the Krokong area. The village took its name from the small bamboo which in Bidayuh is pisa'. The inhabitants built this village after they became Roman Catholics and found themselves at odds with the traditional belief of their ancestors.

ngasa': to sharpen

nosa': to stopover

sa'ant: for

sa'at: to be wasteful

sa'uoh: a long pole used to push boat in shallow waters

sa' eh jook: so that he or she has enough and quit