English: (verb) to eat

Bahasa Malaysia: makan

Pronunciation: /man/

Source: Jecky Misieng

Related to Man

dowont manah: a leaf of the phacelophrynium maximum plant - The leaf of this plant is very useful for a Bidayuh. It is used to wrap food of all types.

kinaman: to be wounded

Kupuo' Kaman: a Bidayuh village in the Krokong district of Bau, Sarawak - The villagers of this settlement came from Blinggink. One of the original settlers had the aspiration of becoming the new headman of Blinggink when the post was left vacant but was denied by his fellow villagers. He managed to persuade a number of families to move with him to a new settlement called Minyowan but the government considered it as a pelamam or farm dwelling and was still part of Blinggink. However, as soon as the number of dwellings reached the minimum requirement of 20, the authorities granted it the status of a village with its own headman. The majority of the inhabitants belong to the Seventh Day Adventist church unlike their relatives in Blinggink who are mostly Catholics or pagans. They now have their own church built near the village. Their young children go to St. Patrick's primary school in Krokong while the older ones go to Lake Secondary school near Bau. Most of the people farm their own land while a few are employed by the government.

limang: sweet rice in banana leaves and bamboo

man bo'os sija': being lazy

manah: true

manduk: a bird

manggis: a mangosteen

mangu': to curse

noman: to suffer

noman otint: angry

paman: to be swept away

pi'int manah: plain water

pinguman: a food

saank manduk: red hot chilli

solint manduk: a bird's nest

tuman: to ambush

tumang: an orphan

man nduok: to eat and drink

mokuo' man neh?: Did you eat yet/Have you eaten yet? (commonly used as a form of greeting)